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Join us at our educational sessions covering diverse topics such as investments, taxes, insurance, psychology of investing, real estate and many more.  You will get more information by joining the Vancouver Financial Mastery Meetup group or by signing on to our newsletter.


Are you on track to reach your financial (and other) goals?  Do you have a financial plan and do you need one?  Although not everyone may need a full Financial Plan, but it is still important to know where you heading and having some idea of how you will get there.



What makes us unique is our ability to address different areas of our clients’ financial needs. We have created a ‘one-stop-financial-shop’ to address our clients’ needs. The needs change and so does the financial and tax industry. It is our priority to know about these changes and to keep our clients aware of them as well. There are many factors affecting what our clients need in different phases of their personal and business life. It is our goal to be able, either ourselves or with the assistance of others, to enable client feel safe and secure about their financial matters (personal, family and business).


To be a company that is able to address all of the financial needs of individuals, their families and their businesses.


To guide our clients to achievement of their financial goals through education,
advice, and action.


Education, respect, empathy, wholesome approach, giving back


Schwartzman Financial Corp is a financial services company that revolves around the client, their business, and their family. Our role is to guide our clients through the financial world and to assist them with achieving their financial goals and dreams. Our approach is based on the foundations of Investments, Risk Management, Tax Preparation, and Education.

The company was founded by Alexei Schwartzman, a Certified Financial Planner, to provide financial services in a different way. The company is a one-stop shop that can address financial needs of individuals busy running their own companies and of their families. In addition to our own services we rely on the guidance of experts in various areas of the financial world. This allows us to be more objective and enables us to serve our clients better.

Alexei Schwartzman obtained the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) designation in 2014.

Mutual funds products are offered through Investia Financial Services Inc.
Insurance products are provided through multiple insurance carriers.


My husband and I were extremely pleased with Alexei’s professionalism and availability. He even answered your email when he was on his honeymoon. He handled the government when they questioned my tax refund immediately. Thank you for always being there for us . Great pleasant service. He works anytime that is necessary for his clients schedules.

C.S. & J.S.

My wife and I recently moved to Canada and had to file our first tax report with CRA – which we had no familiarity with. Alexei stepped in and explained the whole process, pointed out our options and filed he report in our behalf. He has a clear view on how the process works.  On top of that he proposed to help us plan our financial future in Canada – from buying a house to retirement.  A splendid professional, keeping it friendly, with lots of patience to explain how things work.


Alexei wants you to succeed. By using his vast wealth of knowledge, and network of trusted professionals, he is able to offer (or connect you to someone who can offer) sound financial, legal, and personal advice. Alexeihas helped me focus on my goals, and learn to make the required choices in my life that will help me achieve them – and for that, I am thankful and recommend his services to others.


Alexei served a very enjoyable experience when filing my taxes. He took the time to explain every step that was expected in this process, making it not only stress free but also educational. Alexei made a point to update me on the process consistently so that I felt very much so involved and aware. He also made this responsibility of mine convenient so it didn’t effect my everyday obligations, whether it be meeting me online, over the phone or in the later evenings … He’s certainly committed, hard working and professional. I now look forward to filing my taxes, especially after the amazing refund he found for me.


I was very confused about my small business taxes before I met Alexei. He helped me understand tax requirements and provided me with a system for how to manage and keep track of my expenses.  I was very impressed with Alexei’s knowledge of complex accounting nuances. In addition to his skills and experience, Alexei is really great at creating a friendly and safe environment for his clients. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.


Alexei is a remarkable financial advisor & tax professional, and a very pleasant person to deal with. He is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about his fields of expertise. He was able to answer all my questions, clearly and concisely, and did not shy away from referring me to others when we hit upon issues in which he is less masterful. Alexei made recommendations that counter his self-interests – a mark of a true professional. I will doubtless consult him, first, on any future financial & tax issues.


Alexei Schwartzman knows finance, and he cares about people. His meticulous attention to detail, his careful preparation and planning, and his ability to engage with the needs of his clients brings out the expert professional in him. It is such a pleasure to be in the company of a person who not only knows his stuff, but is passionate about educating others in bettering their financial life. Bravo Alexei!



This seminar will provide an opportunity for success-driven, idea-hungry, passion-oriented people to get together for sharing, understanding and mastering financial ideas. The purpose of this group is to understand the strategies of wealth creation and growth.  All levels are welcome. Attending this meetup could be the best financial decision you have ever made in your life!

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Connecting is our greatest passion. Whether it is
connecting ideas through education or connecting clients with innovative concepts and the ‘right’ people to help them grow their business or helping clients achieve their dreams and goals.This is what our company is about!

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Mutual funds products are offered through
Investia Financial Services Inc.


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